Artificial iced rinks

Artificial iced rinks can operate in temperatures above 0ºC, up to even 10ºC. Therefore the skating season on our rinks begins in November and usually lasts until the end of March! That is almost five months of benefiting by the operating ice rink. They can be installed on football pitches, tennis courts, car parks etc, i.e. places that are not profitable during the winter. The most important thing is that the investor’s benefit translates into benefits for the ice rink users as well – having a great time brings joy and happiness.

Not only does ice skating enhance mood, but it also:

  • helps you keep fit,
  • develope all muscle groups (great for shaping legs),
  • improves dexterity and the sense of balance, positively affecting the motor coordination,
  • makes you move gracefully and helps you keep a straight figure,
  • greatly oxygenates the body, which is an important thing during the winter when physical activity levels fall,
  • slow tempo skating allows you to burn 400-500 kcal per hour,

This sport involves more muscles than running, or cycling. Due to the health benefits, ice rinks are more often mounted in Spa’s or sport and recreation facilities.

Gallery - Ice rinks building

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