Technical parameters M800

Operator`s Workplace

The Model 800 was developed for small and medium size recreational ice rinks, up to 800 m2 large. The operator''s working place was designed with ergonomics in mind. The placement of the control lever, the necessary indicators and the blade''s adjustment system make the operation simple and intuitive. Several of the machine''s functions are carried out automatically to ensure highly accurate operation and convenience, such as extending the blade or setting the amount of dispense water is controlled electrically.


Drive System

Given its parameters, the n-ICE M800 resurfacer is perfect for maintaining smaller ice rinks, located in shopping malls, amusement parks and other indoor recreational establishments. Since machines with combustion engines may not be used in such places, the M800 was designed around an electric motor. In the future, resurfacers with natural gas, petrol and diesel engines will be available. Thanks to the Japanese Kubota engines the machines boast low emissions and consume little fuel, translating into low operating costs.



The machine incorporates many innovative solutions. The M800 resurfacer uses a quick blade replacement system and moves with four independent hydraulic motors. Compared to the M1200, even mode of its elements are made from stainless steel. The controls are simple and intuitive. The resurfacing blade is also controlled electrically, which ensures the operating depth is configured with high accuracy.


Technical data:

Ice resurfacer „n-ICE” Model 800

Dedicated to small and medium size ice rinks with surface up to 800m²

- LPG Kubota DF 972,
Capacity 962 cm 3 liquid-cooled,
22 kW (29 hp) / 3600 rev / min

- Diesel Kubota D 902
Capacity 900 cm 3 liquid-cooled,
Power 16.1 kW (21.6 hp) / 3200 rev / min

- Electric motor:
48 V
Batteries: 345 Ah

4 wheel drive
Electrical system:
12 V
Speed ​​(forward and backward): 0-13 km / h
Water tank capacity: 320 liters
Snow tank capacity: 1,35 m3
Fuel tank capacity: 40 liters
Turning radius: 3.5 m
Wheels: 175/65 R14
Height: 1650 mm
Working width: 1600 mm
Working length: 3050 mm
Net weight: 1650 kg / 2000 kg n-ICE Electric
Working depth: 0.01 mm - 3 mm

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