Technical parameters

Operator`s Workplace

A modern and streamlined shape provides excellent visibility from the machine during maintenance of the rink. The operator`s workplace is ergonomically designed - with thoughtfully arranged operating levers, all necessary indicators, knife controller etc, all making operation of the machine simple and intuitive. Foot pedals change the direction of travel (forward / reverse). Manual parking brake provides safe immobilization of the machine during stops and a comprehensive hydraulic steering system provides precise handling. In order to improve comfort, the operator`s seating position is heated with hot air. Additional options include a camera system showing the amount of snow collected in the tank and the blind spot on the right side of the machine.
In 2014 we have launched the production of machines for the care of the ice, equipped with a cabin. The cabin is equipped with heating which means that even in very difficult weather conditions, the operators job is easy and pleasant. Height of the ice resurfacer n-ICE with a cabin is about 2,60 m.


Drive System

A relatively small but extremely powerful Japanese Kubota engine is characterised by negligible emissions, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs. The engines are available - either powered by LPG or diesel. Since 2013, the company n-ICE Group also manufactures electric powered ice resurfacers. This type of machines is designed primarily for ice rinks located in closed halls or in shopping malls. Constant hydrostatic 4 wheel drive with variable capacity pumps, provides optimum power at work. Braking is hydrodynamic and the front axle of the machine is centrally swinging, which allows easy entry and exit to the rink, even over rough ground.


Scraping Unit

The machine has a hydraulically controlled scraping unit, hydraulically retractable rotating brush for cleaning of ice at the band, and a hydraulically lifted snow container for easy emptying. Two hydraulic pumps with constant flow, are responsible for driving the working units and side brush. The applied technology and quality of materials used ensure the maintenance of a perfectly smooth ice surface.



During design, much emphasis was focused on minimising the weight of the machine. The support frame of the machine is made of structural grade steel with increased strength. Stainless steel water tank and plastic fuel tank ensure long-term operation of the machine and the snow container itself is made of reinforced plastic with an epoxy resin. All steel parts are powder coated and plastic parts are covered with automotive grade coatings.


Technical data:

Ice resurfacer „n-ICE” Model 1200

Dedicated to small and medium size ice rinks with surface up to 1200m²

- LPG Kubota DF 972,
Capacity 962 cm 3 liquid-cooled,
22 kW (29 hp) / 3600 rev / min

- Diesel Kubota D 902
Capacity 900 cm 3 liquid-cooled,
Power 16.1 kW (21.6 hp) / 3200 rev / min

- Electric motor HPEVS:
80 V, 15 KW
Batteries: 360 Ah

Hydrostatic 4 wheel drive
Electrical system:
12 V
Speed ​​(forward and backward): 0-13 km / h
Water tank capacity: 510 liters
Snow tank capacity: 2 m3  / 1,7 m3 n-ICE Electric
Fuel tank capacity: 40 liters
Turning radius: 3.5 m
Wheels: 205/70 R15
Height: 1900 mm
Working width: 1765 mm
Working length: 3300 mm  / 3450 mm n-ICE Electric
Net weight: 1900 kg  / 2850 kg n-ICE Electric
Working depth: 0.01 mm - 3 mm

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