Types of Machines

Ice resurfacer n-ICE Model 1200 Diesel

A relatively small but extremely powerful Japanese Kubota engine is characterised by negligible emissions, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs
Capacity 900 cm 3 liquid-cooled,
Power 16.1 kW (21.6 hp) / 3200 rev / min

Ice resurfacer n-ICE Model 1200 Petrol/LPG

Due to its low exhaust emissions it can be used on indoor rinks and halls tent.
Capacity 962 cm 3 liquid-cooled,
Powetr 22 kW (29 hp) / 3600 rev / min

Ice resurfacer n-ICE Model 1200EV Electric

The design includes three-phase 80V American electric motor rated 15 kW. Energy-efficient motor control is possible thanks to the use of the Curtis driver, which allows to monitor the entire drive system of the ice resurfacer.
Electric motor: 80V, 15 kW
Batteries: 360 Ah

Ice resurfacer n-ICE Model 1200 with a cabin

In 2014 we have launched the production of machines for the care of the ice, equipped with a cabin. The cabin is equipped with heating which means that even in very difficult weather conditions, the operators job is easy and pleasant. Height of the ice resurfacer n-ICE with a cabin is about 2,60 m.


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