Produktion und Montage

Production and assembly 

Assembly line of machines is located in Kepno. The Production of components, frameworks and components for "n-ICE" is carried out by mechanical plant in Nowa Wies Ks. (10 km from Kepno). The company is proud of having large R&D department, own prototyping and tooling shops. There is a large selection of conventional and CNC controlled machine tools, modern welding hall with many manual and robotic stations , powder coating facility and innovative thermodiffusion zink coating within the business. Fantastic strength to the business give well educated and experienced staff, majority young and loyal customers. During final designing of the n-ICE machine results from comprehensive testing of the prototype over 2009-2011 were used.


The technical ice rink

In the hall adjacent to the assembly plant in Kępno technical ice rink about 500 m2 was opened. It used for testing and research and development our ice resurfacing machines. All "n-ICE" ice resurfacing machines that leaving the plant are thoroughly tested in real conditions.


The warehouse of finished products

In Kepno is also a warehouse of finished products and ice resurfacing machines warehouse for lease. Besides ice resurfacing machine n-ICE, the company offers for rent ice resurfacing machine Zamboni type 500 and 520.


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