Ice rink halls

There is also a possibility to construct a roofed ice rink by means of specially designed hall. It gives our customers an opportunity to use the facility regardless of the weather, and increases ice rink`s operational capabilities. Roofing installation also allows for ice rink’s operational costs reduction – protects the ice floor against excessive sunlight, and provides shelter from rain/snow allowing for maintaining the floor in better condition. We offer halls made of steel, welded and galvanized with arched and pitched roof systems. Our halls have all the required certificates and approvals for construction and comply with the standards regarding snow load in each of the country`s snow area.

Ultra-modern, ‘turtle’-type hall is a new product of Alles Cool Lodowiska company in co-operation with Modern Construction. Utility values of these halls are accompanied by aesthetical values. An attractive and modern design lends itself to further decoration allowing improvement of the built environment around of the sports facility.

Gallery - Ice rink halls

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