Ice rinks can be a stationary or a seasonal (mobile) construction, depending on specification. It is however necessary to install the appropriate infrastructure including, piping system, cooling aggregate and barriers surrounding the ice rink.

Piping systems

Systems are built of type PE-HD80 polyethylene pipe segments, pipes diameter Ø 16mm, Ø 25mm lade on a leveled ground with an insulation layer of foil, as well as a thermal insulation made of polystyrene boards. The pipes contain coolant which transforms the water into the ice floor.The coolant is a glycol that, when properly condensed, is cooled with an ice water aggregate. Cooled ethylene glycol in an evaporator up to a temp. of -12°C is pumped, to the ice rink floor, where it is heated to -9°C, and then it returns to the coolant evaporator.

Cooling aggregates

Depending on the ice rink size, we use aggregate with effectiveness from 130 to 175 kW Aggregate bases, depending on their power, contain from two to four cooling circuits with two or four semi-hermetic piston compressors. Aggregate power gradation: 25, 50, 75%. Aggregate can operate in ambient max temperature of +15°C.


Made of steel profiles and inlaid with PE HD 1200 mm x 2400mm slab, 8mm thick, white color with the addition of a UV stabilizer, as well as root slab made of PE-HD 200m x 2400mm, 10mm thick, yellow color. The barriers contain entry/exit gate for ice resurfacer and ice skaters. The barrier’s curve radius is 5.0m. In the case of mobile (seasonal) rinks we construct barriers that attach directly to the ground by means of ice floor freezing. This type of solution causes no damage the sports surface on which the ice rink is built.

Melting crucible

A melting crucible is available for ice removed from the rink by the resurfacer. This is especially useful where space is limited.

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